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Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Awareness
This program is intended for emergency responders who, in the course of their duties, may be called to incidents requiring the extrication of patients from vehicles, buses and heavy machinery.

Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Operations
A 40-hour class that teaches personnel how to safely conduct vehicle extrications on passenger vehicles and light trucks. This course focuses on scene and patient stabilization, vehicle construction types and a variety of hand tool and heavy hydraulic tool extrication techniques. Specific extrication operations include locating purchase points, removing doors and roofs, dash roll ups, Noah’s Arc, 3rd door cuts and glass management. Additional training in scene management, equipment selection and team component responsibilities are also conducted.

Prerequisite: RTA Vehicle/Industrial Awareness or equivalent.

Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Technician
This 40 hour program teaches equipment selection, scene management, multiple vehicle extrication, truck/bus extrication, machinery extrication. Special attention is given to proper lifting and cutting technique as well as specialized Class D tow truck operations to perform these complex extrications. This program also gives the student an introduction to safe extrication of patients who have become trapped within heavy machinery by focusing on the various types of chain and belt driven machines that are seen within manufacturing facilities and the various types of commercial equipment that typically cause patient entanglement. Additional training in Crush Syndrome and trauma management are also conducted.

Prerequisite: RTA Extrication Operations or equivalent.


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