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Rope Rescue Awareness
This one day program gives emergency responders an overview of rope rescue operations. Topics include the NFPA Standards on rope rescue, rope rescue equipment,introduction to knots for rope rescue and responding to a potential rope rescue call as a trained first responder.

Rope Rescue Operations
A 40-hour class that teaches personnel how to safely conduct basic rope rescue operations. This course focuses on the various knots, rescue hardware, auxiliary equipment, personal protection equipment, rope care and maintenance and standards governing basic rope rescue operations. Specific rope rescue operations conducted during the class include anchoring systems, safety belaying systems, Rescue 8 rappelling, Bar-rack rappelling, personal belayed rappels (SRT), self-extrication on a rappel system and patient packaging. Additional training in lowering systems rescue techniques, stairwell lowering systems, horizontal Stokes Basket operations (with and without an attendant), vertical Stokes Basket systems and scene management are also conducted.

Prerequisite: RTA Rope Rescue Awareness or equivalent.

Rope Rescue Technician
A 40-hour class that teaches personnel various mechanical advantage (MA) systems. The course focuses on MA principles, high point pulley systems, converting lowering systems into hauling system and converting 3:1 & 4:1 hauling systems into lowering systems. Specific rope operations include knot passing systems, highline/Telpher systems, Stokes Basket highline (with and without attendants), highline rappels, basic ascending systems, and various hauling and lowering systems. Additional training in risk/benefit analysis, scene management and equipment selection and maintenance are also conducted.

Prerequisite: RTA Rope Rescue Operations or equivalent.


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