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Basic Chemistry
This 40-hour course focuses on the basic knowledge required to evaluate the potential hazards and behaviors of materials considered hazardous. It examines the reason for the chemical behavior of hazardous materials and is designed to improve decision-making, safety operations, and handling and site assessments. Units of the course include the Periodic Table, placards and labels, salts, non-salts and the hydrocarbon family, hydrocarbon derivatives, physical process of combustion, and fuel quantity. An understanding of basic chemistry is helpful to receive maximum benefit from the course.

Hazardous Materials Incident Management Course
This 40 hour course focuses on the duties and responsibilities of the emergency response personnel who will assume the Incident Commander (IC) role in hazardous materials emergencies above the initial response. Based on the current requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120 and the applicable national standards, the program follows three phases of an incident preplanning, incident operations, and post-incident responsibilities. Topics include negligence and liability, planning, Incident Command System/Emergency Operations Center interface, training requirements, and emergency response plans. The student’s knowledge of the subject is evaluated through written tests and graded scenarios. Evening class and projects are required.

Hazardous Materials Incident Command Course
This course is intended to provide intermediate or advanced levels of instruction covering the ICS/IMS/NIIMS components and the primary objectives that involve the application and management of assigned resources to effectively and efficiently control any emergency incident. Emphasis is placed on emergency response situations involving hazardous materials releases. ICS components include: common terminology, modular organization, integrated communications, unified command structure, consolidated action plans, span of control, command post operations, and comprehensive resource management. Discussion will key on the major functional areas of ICS: command, operations, planning, logistics, and finance. Course objectives are in accordance with federal OSHA HAZWOPER and NFPA 472 requirements for the On-Scene Incident Commander.

Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices
This 80 hour course focuses on the strategies and safe procedures for alleviating the danger of a hazardous materials incident. It concentrates on integrating knowledge about hazardous materials chemistry, storage, transportation, and potential release scenarios with information about local hazardous materials incident plans and response systems. Through decision-making activities that are appropriate for Fire Officers operating at the hazardous materials incident, the course participants will apply the course information that is defined by current regulations and standards. Subjects covered include, among others: hazardous materials response team organization and equipment; hazard recognition; analytical instruments; classes of hazardous materials; protective clothing; and breathing apparatus. Case studies from fixed facility and transportation system accidents will be analyzed.

Advanced Life Support Hazardous Materials
This 80 hour course is designed for paramedic personnel who have an Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical responsibility at hazardous materials incidents, and it promises a rigorous experience for the student. In-depth chemistry, as it relates to hazardous materials, the medical management of victims, and the development and management of the hazardous materials components of the medical support system are the three primary focuses of this course. Toxicology and decontamination procedures are covered from an advanced EMS viewpoint. Strategies for safe emergency medical interaction with contaminated victims are discussed in detail. Student Selection Criteria: ALS emergency medical personnel at EMS/HM Level II who, as a part of their normal duties, may be called to perform patient care activities in the warm zone at hazardous materials incidents.

Prerequisite: Applicants must provide current State or National Registry Paramedic certification.


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