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Track Description:
This training opportunity will give tactical units a realistic venue in which they can exercise their plans and responses to an extended tactical problem. There have been many recent situations where the need for multi-jurisdic¬tional response from first responder law enforcement, Swat, EOD, and medical support, has been a critical element of the outcome of these scenarios. In this exercise, everyone will play a major role by providing and updating information to the command, requesting and using other resources, and working in close proximity to hazardous materials or devices. With this in mind, the use of Personal Protective Equipment in a tactical environment will be a key element for teams to evaluate their own deployment protocol and equipment standards.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify tactical components needed to contain, and mitigate an extended tactical problem.
  • Implement response plans incorporating first line offi¬cers, tactical units, and EOD/HAZMAT teams to isolate and contain a tactical problem.
  • Perform tactical exercises on varying targets in an ur¬ban setting, and the use of multijurisdictional teams to conduct simultaneous operations.
  • Test communication exchange between first respond¬ers and tactical components.
  • Identify the need for EOD and Medical Components to be considered as critical elements to all tactical problems

Explosives Ordnance Devices (E.O.D.)

Track Description:
This track focuses on performing EOD skills while working in a tactical environment. This course is designed to help EOD personnel work with SWAT/Tactical teams to achieve desired goals and accomplish the mission. This class will also introduce Explosive Breaching techniques to assist EOD personnel to gain entrance into fortified structures.

Course Objectives:

Identify the tactical needs to perform EOD missions in an adverse environment.
oIdentify tools needed to work in a tactical environment.
oIntroduce Explosive Breaching Techniques in a safe and efficient manner.

Prerequisites for all law enforcement courses: Must be a current member of an law enforcement agency.


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