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This course is 40 hours or 5 days of training. The course consists of 9 modules with many hands-on activities and scheduled quizzes. The timeline is to train within a 5 day period.

Each module has one primary instructor, with other instructors assisting as needed.

Course Objectives:

The overall goal of this training program is to assist US&R Task Force Logistics
Specialists who may respond to a possible terrorist incident scene or other disaster to:

  • Function effectively in the role of the US&R Task Force Logistics Specialists
  • Operational Checklist
  • Federal Forms
  • USAR Cache Inventory, a detailed view and how to maintain
  • USAR Incident Support Team
  • Ground and Air Transportation
  • Facility and BoO Management

Prerequisites: Knowledge of USAR Equipment cache, team procedures and transportation considerations for usar equipment.


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