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Rescue Training Associates, Inc. (RTA) is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida. Initially created in 1998 to improve disaster management and technical rescue training within the United States, RTA now travels throughout the world assisting local, state, federal and international clients establish emergency response and technical rescue training programs. Our TEAM appreciates what is takes to develop, implement and sustain successful emergency response programs. We are committed to preparing students for all types of specialized emergencies by offering the most comprehensive techniques, tactics and procedures training programs anywhere in the world.

RTA Business Advantages

  • Woman owned small business
  • More than 100 employees and consultants
  • Domestic and international business experience
  • Seasoned professionals - experience is key!
  • Extensive equipment resources
  • Available technical and operational training programs
  • Cost effective business partner - cost control!
  • Responsiveness and minimal layers of management - no bureaucracy

The Team at a Glance
RTA is a multi-disciplined TEAM of technical experts focused in the areas of technical rescue, disaster management, hazardous materials, CBRN/WMD Emergency Response Operations and professional and technical consulting. The TEAM is comprised of active firefighters, EMT/Paramedic personnel, Hazardous Materials Technicians/Specialists, National Fire Academy (NFA) and Emergency Management Institute (EMI) instructors, Former Military personnel and manufacturer equipment trainers. The team’s knowledge is founded on extensive experience in both Civilian Disaster Management and specialized federal Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) emergency response teams.

Personnel experience includes the following specialties and government programs:

  • Fire, EMS and Hazmat Emergency Service Professionals
  • National Fire Academy Instructors
  • Civil and Military Emergency Response Specialists
  • US Army Technical Escort Unit
  • US Customs and Border Patrol
  • National Guard Civil Support Teams
  • Marine Corps Enhanced NBC Program
  • Navy First Responder Program
  • Joint Service Installation Protection Program
  • US Army Pacific Command WMD Response Program
  • US ARMY Chemical School
  • United Nations Inspection and Verification Teams
  • Oklahoma City Bombing
  • World Trade Center Bombing

Mission Statement
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